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Good Energy Award 2018

The winners of the 9th edition have been announced

OltreCafé , Alisea, Ricehouse, and Agriturismo Sant’Egle

On 20 September, the prize-giving ceremony of the ninth edition of the Good Energy Award took place at Auditorium Robert Bosch in Milan. The award is organised and promoted in Italy by Bernoni Grant Thornton and aimed at awarding those businesses that invest in an innovative market in an environmentally-, economically- and territory-friendly way.

The Award is aimed at rewarding innovative projects aimed at safeguarding environment, at increasing value for stakeholders and at improving their economic and financial performances.

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The winners:

  • For the Agrifood category: OltreCafé

    OltreCafé S.r.l. (Ferrara) is an innovative start up founded in 2015 and operating in the bioeconomy industry for the production of solid second-generation biofuel. Oltrecafé pellet is made of wood and coffee grounds from recycled sources. The process consists in a collection of coffee grounds that are then processed in a plant for drying. Afterwards, they are mixed with other recycled materials and pellet is then mixed with further chopped-up recycled wood and finally put into sacks through a pressing procedure.
  • For the Manufacturing & Technology category: Alisea

    Alisea – SU S.r.l. (Vicenza) was founded in1994 and is the only company that makes reuse and recycling become the distinctive feature of its business for the creation of innovative design objects. The company’s product portfolio is really wide and includes diaries, calendars, bags, pencils and pens, glass- and aluminium-made objects. The technology implemented by Alisea (IG_PWDR Technology) was firstly created to reduce energy and water waste in the processing of clothing and fabrics compared to the traditional chemical dyeing. In fact, it allows using 90% less water and 47% less energy.
  • For the Real Estate category: Ricehouse

    Ricehouse S.r.l. (Biella) is the result of the 10-year experience of the founding partners in the research and development of architectural projects realized with natural products. In Italy, Ricehouse is a leading manufacturer and distributor of bio-compound materials derived from rice-growing waste for the construction industry. Specifically, it produces prefabricated frames made of wood and pre-stressed straw for highly energy-efficient and made-to-measure houses, quicklime- and husk-based mixtures, husk for base-coat plasters, finishing plasters and footings.
  • For the Travel & Leisure category: Agriturismo Sant'Egle

    Agriturismo Sant‘Egle (Grosseto), a biological business certified by CCPB, was founded in 2010 as a sustainable agriculture and tourism project. Land is cultivated according to the principles of the “Synergistic biological agriculture”, without pesticides, and products (fruit, vegetables, truffles, spirulina, stevia, and saffron) are transformed and sold in the company’s BioShop, in bio-shops all over Italy and via e-commerce. L’Agriturismo Sant’Egle was awarded by WWF Italia as best sustainable biodiversity-preserving holiday farm in Italy and it uses energy deriving exclusively from renewable sources.


The other finalists selected by the Jury are: Cooperativa Fattoria della Piana Società Agricola and Treedom for the Agrifood category, Bioelectric and Aeffe for the Manufacturing&Technology, Mass Energy and Lombardini for the Real Estate category, QC Terme and La Vigna del Colle for the Travel&Leisure category.


Good Energy Award 2018: the winners of the 9th edition


Good Energy Award 2018: the winners Good Energy Award 2018: the winners


Stefano Salvadeo

“The businesses that have applied for the Award this year demonstrate that the concepts of sustainability and efficiency are progressively expanding to businesses of any size and operating in any industry. I compliment the winners on their outstandingly innovative and original projects.

Our hope for the future is that there will be a stable regulatory landscape that can foster businesses to invest in sustainability and efficiency, not as mere economic incentives, but rather as a reward system that can reduce the tax burden on a medium-long term and the bureaucratic procedure needed to invest in the decrease in consumption and the increase in energy efficiency - both as concerns production plants and buildings", declared Stefano Salvadeo, Co-Managing Partner and Head of Advisory Services di Bernoni Grant Thornton.

Bosch logo

"Bosch was happy to support the initiative promoted by Bernoni Grant Thornton to highlight the effort of Italian companies towards energy efficiency. We were pleased to host Good Energy Award candidates, which concretely demonstrated their commitment in the development of sustainable solutions.

We at Bosch believe that business strategies must include not only economic, but also social and environmental factors. The respect for the environment has always been part of our mission, as we aim at providing technological answers to environmental problems through investment in research and development to offer products and technologies that can help protecting the environment and safeguarding resources" – stated Gerhard Dambach, CEO at Robert Bosch S.p.A.


The Good Energy Award 2018 Jury panel is be chaired by:

  • Maurizio Fauri - Professor of Electrical Energy Systems at the University of Trento and President of Polo Tecnologico per l’Energia, i.e. the Technological Center for Energy of Trento

and composed by:

  • Fabrizio Adani - President of Gruppo Ricicla - D.I.S.A.A. University of Milan
  • Cesare Boffa - President of FIRE, Italian Federation for Energy Efficiency
  • Marcella Caradonna - Chairman of the Milan Board of Certified Chartered Accountants & Registered Auditors
  • Alberto Dossi - President of Sapio Group
  • Andrea Mazzolari - Researcher at the National Institute for Nuclear Physics - Associate of CERN Geneva
  • Carlo Mannu - Business Development Robert Bosh S.p.A.


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