While the use of IT technologies in businesses has strengthened, cybercrime has registered an exponential growth. Criminal organizations started adopting cooperation models similar to common business logics, exploiting the purchase and sale of criminal actions. An example is the so-called RAAS: Ransomware as a service. Through this model, a criminal organization leases to other criminal organizations the necessary software to encode data of victims and the software needed in the negotiation phase.

In such a context, businesses need to defend themselves through an internal organization specifically created and structured for such defence. Improvisation is no more acceptable. 

GT Digital helps clients structure information security management internal functions, also through partially or totally outsourced functions. It supports the definition of proper risk management and evaluation processes and of monitoring systems based on Key Risk Indicators, or directly provides security monitoring services on behalf of clients (Security Operation Center).

Our activities include the prevention and investigation of and the response to cybercrimes. We can search on the Darkweb and the Deepweb to check whether there is information relevant to our clients. This could mean that the client has been attacked, but could also indicate that there is an imminent risk of attack.

We provide system scan services and simulate hacker attacks to identify vulnerabilities and, subsequently, define remediation plans.

Lastly, we believe that training is crucial, both for technical personnel and for users.