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What is Electronic Invoicing?

Electronic Invoicing is the electronic generation, transmission and storage of invoices issued in the XML (eXtensible Markup Language) format.

Mandatory as of January 2019, e-invoices will almost fully replace paper invoices that are becoming a thing of the past. 


Our solutions

Grant Thornton can help you navigate through the different phases necessary to implement electronic invoicing, identifying the solutions most fit for purpose with an eye to the peculiarities of your company to the limits arising from the ERP systems currently in use.

Our specialists can assist you with:

  • the review of company processes to design a model embedding modern, efficient, automated and integrated systems - thus fully enjoying the advantages of digitalization;
  • the partial or full outsourcing of electronic invoicing processes according to your needs.

Electronic Invoicing services

Our electronic invoicing services can be reached by accessing the dedicated area.

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