5th edition

The winners of the 5th edition of the Good Energy Award are: ENEL Green Power, CDA, Famiglia Aperta Onlus, Eco4Cloud and Pedon Group.

The prize-giving ceremony of the 5th edition of the Good Energy Award was held on 5 June 2014, during the World Environment Day. The Good Energy Award rewards organizations that invest in an innovative market to promote sustainability, environmental-friendly attitudes and their territory too.

Winners and finalists

Among the more than 50 candidates, the Jury selected three finalists for each Category: Industrial sector (Enel Green Power S.p.A., IRCI International, Ropatec S.r.l.), Services sector (CDA di Cattelan S.r.l., Fercam S.p.A., Thun Logistics S.r.l.), Public Administration and Not for Profit (AUSL Romagna, Etra S.p.A., Famiglia Aperta Onlus), Start-ups (Eco4Cloud S.r.l., Energica S.r.l., Synergy Progetti S.r.l.), Agricultural and food (Pedon Group S.r.l., Società Agricola Fratelli Cassese s.s., Venchi S.p.A).

The winners selected for the 5 categories are:

The ceremony was held in Milan at the Auditorium Robert Bosch Spa and was opened by Stelutis Alpinis – a choir composed of young people in their twenties who have been singing in the choir since they were teens to keep alive the music heritage of old traditional mountain songs – and by a contribution of Marco Confortola, an Italian extreme climber, who raised awareness on environment-friendly behaviours and resilience against demanding challenges and unexpected events.

Sponsors and scientific support

The Award was sponsored by:

and had the scientific support of:

Jury panel

The Jury panel of the Good Energy Award 2014 was chaired by:

  • Maurizio Fauri - Professor of Sistemi Elettrici per l'Energia at Università di Trento and President of Polo per l’Energia, i.e. the Technological Center for Energy of Trento

and composed by:

  • Fabrizio Adani - President of Gruppo Ricicla - D.I.S.A.A. Università degli Studi di Milano
  • Alessandro Beda - Vice President at Sodalitas
  • Paolo Benatti - Gruppo Florim Ceramiche
  • Giuseppe Bernardi - President and CEO at Business Bridge SRL
  • Stefania Bertolini - General secretary at CSR Manager Network
  • Luca Bracchitta - Vice President Sales and Technology at Bosch Energy and Building Solutions Italy
  • Renzo Capra - FIPER scientific committee – and president of A2A
  • Enzo Chiodini - journalist on economic issues
  • Renato Chiurazzi - Chartered Accountant in Milan
  • Alberto Dossi - President of Gruppo Sapio
  • Giuseppe Fano - Consulting & Execution Srl
  • Giovanni Frigo - Architect in Verona, partner at FT Architects
  • Alessandro Foresti - Managing Director Turboden
  • Antonio Grioli - Chairman of the steering committee of Zucchetti Software
  • Marco Livio - Partner at Ria Grant Thornton
  • Dan Newman - President of Matter Group
  • Carlo Rinaldi - Vice-president of FIPER

Winners of the Good Energy Award 2014