GEA 2017: 8th edition

The prize-giving ceremony of the Good Energy Award 2017 was held on 21 September at Auditorium Bosch in Milan.

The winners of the 8th edition: Ferrari Farm Società Agricola Srl, Greenrail Srl, Giunko Srl and Argotec Srl.

Good Energy Award 2017 8th edition

The Winners

During the prize-giving ceremony held on 21 September at Auditorium Bosch in Milan, the winners of the 8th edition of each of the 4 categories of the Good Energy Award were announced:

  • Agricultural and Food category: Ferrari Farm Società Agricola Srl, a company operating in the agricultural and food industry in Rieti. It realized a new hydroculture plant (i.e. to grow plants without soil), using hermetic, sterile and entirely computerized greenhouses. This technique, besides eliminating carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere, prevents the entrance of pollutants and contaminants from the surrounding environment, thus allowing growing plants in any place on the Earth.
  • Industry Sector category: Greenrail Srl, a globally recognized company operating in the railway industrial sector in Milan. It represent an example of industrial development according to the principles of the circular economy. Greenrail is a sustainable railway sleeper which could replace the current standard and see to the lack of innovation in the railway industry. The concrete structure is covered with an external layer made of recycled plastic and blend of rubber collected from ELTs (End of Life Tyres). Each line kilometre covered with Greenrail sleepers contributes to recycling approximately 35 tons of plastic and ELTs.
  • Services Sector category: Giunko Srl, a company operating in Bologna which designs and develops complex structures and distributed systems based on leading-edge technologies aimed at innovating processes and the quality of users’ experience. The Junker project is an innovative solution aimed at guaranteeing a correct waste sorting. It consists in an IT platform capable of managing a high-quality database which can classify convenience goods through their bar code. It can be easily used by citizens (dwellers or tourists) thanks to an App for smartphones and tablets.
  • Aerospace category: Argotec Srl, an Italian aerospace engineering company operating in Turin providing a wide range of professional and engineering services. As concerns engineering activities, in 2011, Argotec started carrying out research activities on two-phase heat transfer technologies. These are heat pipes capable of transporting a great quantity of heat with a very small temperature difference between the hot and the cold interface. The characteristics that make these devices particularly interesting are lightness, geometrical flexibility, thermal efficiency, low environmental impact.
Stefano Salvadeo

"Again this year, the Good Energy Award was a great success, with many highly-innovative businesses committed to energy saving practices and the reduction of the environmental impact taking part in the event. The belief that energy efficiency is a crucial value for businesses to be competitive on the market has nowadays become widely accepted and rooted in the DNA of many companies. With our award, we want to give visibility to some Italian business excellences, to increasingly spread the view that sustainability does not exclude economic results, but indeed it helps enhancing them." declared Stefano Salvadeo

Bosch logo

"Bosch was happy to support the initiative promoted by Bernoni Grant Thornton to highlight the effort of Italian companies towards energy efficiency. We were pleased to host Good Energy Award candidates, which concretely demonstrated their commitment in the development of sustainable solutions.

We at Bosch believe that business strategies must include not only economic, but also social and environmental factors. The respect for the environment has always been part of our mission, as we aim at providing technological answers to environmental problems through investment in research and development to offer products and technologies that can help protecting the environment and safeguarding resources" – stated Gerhard Dambach, CEO at Robert Bosch S.p.A.

The Jury

The Good Energy Award 2017 Jury panel was chaired by:

  • Maurizio Fauri - Professor of Electrical Energy Systems at the University of Trento and President of Polo Tecnologico per l’Energia, i.e. the Technological Center for Energy of Trento

and composed by:

  • Fabrizio Adani - President of Gruppo Ricicla - D.I.S.A.A. University of Milan
  • Paolo Bertoli - President of the ANDAF Advisory Council
  • Romolo Biondi - Sales Director at Bosch
  • Maurizio Cheli - astronaut
  • Alberto Dossi - President of Gruppo Sapio
  • Andrea Mazzolari - Researcher at Università di Ferrara - Associate of CERN Geneva

Winners of the Good Energy Award 2017

Winners of the Good Energy Award 2017