The complexity and dynamics of the Italian fiscal system constantly challenges businesses, whether they are large or small, particularly those operating internationally. How your business meets this challenge can have a significant effect on your bottom-line and the more your business grows, the more complex tax requirements can become.

At Bernoni Grant Thornton, tax is a key service line and our experienced team can offer you a range of solutions, whatever the size of your business or the challenges you’re facing.

Our tax specialists will work with you to develop tax-planning strategies suitable for your specific business or individual structure, so as to help you optimize the tax burden within the adequate legal framework and operate in a transparent and ethical way.

How we work

Thanks to our membership of a global network, we can provide the benefits of working with a respected global organisation but we still maintain an in-depth local knowledge of the domestic and local market in which we operate.

Whether you’re a medium-sized dynamic business or a multinational company, our professionals listen closely to your needs and respond quickly with insightful solutions.

Our tax services

As well as having skills and experience in tax consulting and compliance, we can support you in the following areas:

Why tax matters

Across the globe, companies’ tax affairs are facing increasing scrutiny from regulators, communities and clients. At the same time, bodies such as The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) are working on rules to change the way international business structures work.

Successful organisations need a proactive approach to tax to show how they are meeting their obligations. A positive tax strategy can also increase your reputation for openness and transparency among clients and communities, helping your business unlock its potential for growth.

Our Tax & Legal

Corporate and business tax

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Direct international tax

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Global mobility services

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Indirect international tax

Find out more about our indirect international tax services.

Transfer pricing

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Our lawyers and accountants can manage all defense measures provided not only by the Italian law, but also by EU regulations and conventions

Family business

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The client can be assisted in every need and with the same care both on important operations or disputes and on simple matters

Alessandro Dragonetti
Managing Partner - Head of Tax
Alessandro Dragonetti