Strategic growth decision making

Globalisation and company growth ambitions are driving an increase in M&A activity worldwide as businesses look to establish a footprint in countries beyond their own. Even within their own regions, many businesses feel the pressure to acquire in order to establish a strategic presence in new markets, such as those being created by rapid technological innovation.

We work with entrepreneurial businesses, their owners and management teams in the mid market to help them understand the true commercial potential of the business they plan to acquire and how the purchase might serve their strategic goals.


Our solutions

From exploring the strategic options available to businesses and shareholders through to advising and project managing the chosen solution, we provide a truly integrated corporate finance offering.

Buying a business

For businesses looking to grow by acquisition, our corporate finance advisory team will take a hands-on approach to helping you find the perfect match to achieve your business objectives.

Private equity advisory

We offer bespoke solutions, from initial investment through performance improvement and growth to exit, for private equity houses, private equity-backed companies and management teams seeking private equity investment.

Performance improvement

We can help to improve your business processes, implement new business strategies, divest non-core businesses and design new capital structures.


Whether you are contemplating a merger, acquisition or restructuring or need support for a proposed financial structure, we can provide an independent view on value.

Selling a business

If you are considering selling your business, our corporate finance team will help you achieve the highest possible value and a smooth sales process.

Raising finance

We can help management teams, corporate and private shareholders raise private equity and/or debt finance to support growth, release value or refinance.

Tax structuring

Our transaction tax specialists work closely with our corporate finance team to ensure you have a full picture of the tax implications of your deal and establish effective tax structures, taking into account the personal  tax planning needs of business owners.

Financial reporting

We will consolidate newly acquired businesses into group accounts (including breaking out recognisable intangible assets from goodwill), in compliance with the latest accounting principles.

Sante Maiolica
Partner & Head of Advisory
Sante Maiolica