People are key to business success

To really generate value, personnel administration cannot be limited to numbers and tax fulfilments, but should build a system that can enhance people and allow their talent to emerge. This is why payroll and HR administration functions are the most challenging for growing organisations.

Outsourcing these non-core activities to specialized experts brings to a higher efficiency, in the so-called lean organisation perspective.

Moreover, specific skills are key to manage such constantly- and fast-evolving issues  and the increasing complexity of the labour landscape.

Depending on your specific needs, we can manage the whole HR process or only some of its aspects related to your personnel administration strategy.

Payroll and HR administration functions are the most challenging for growing organisations

Our professionals can manage payroll and HR fulfilments on your behalf, allowing you to focus on the growth process of your business.

Thanks to the global network we are part of, we can assist companies that are expanding their operations at a global level.

We are specialized in the management of security and confidentiality issues and we can help you reducing administration costs of your payroll and HR management systems.

Our services:

  • Full payroll management and calculation of benefits
  • Calculation of tax, social security contributions and other charges
  • Payment of salaries to employees
  • Regular updates on the mail payroll-related deadlines
  • Coordination of payroll duldilments with other Grant Thornton member firms
  • Payroll reports and analyses
  • Social security representative
  • Accurate technical assistance to your HR department

We also offer services aimed to minimize your time spent on HR fulfilments. Such solutions range from the management of documents and databases concerning personnel, to the monitoring of employees attendance, from the review of documents related to personnel or payroll, to the creation of online HR management systems.

For further information on our HR & Payroll services, please contact Eugenio Leoni.

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