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TopHic October - Business management in the era of prevention and sustainability

TopHic October 2023 – In the October issue of TopHic our experts discuss how the reform of the corporate crisis regulation has highlighted debt sustainability and its management as the main conditions to safeguard the going concern.

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Tax settlement for distressed businesses: a new balance is to be reached

TopHic September 2023 - In the September issue of TopHic, our professionals analyse the tax settlement procedure for distressed businesses, which represents an innovation in the Italian tax system

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Register of beneficial owners: transparency as a deterrent

TopHic Summer Edition 2023 - In the July edition of TopHic our professionals analyse the importance of disclosing information on beneficial owners to identify offenders who could hide their identity behind opaque company structures

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Regulating AI, a categorical imperative

TopHic June 2023 - In the June issue of TopHic our professionals analyse the impact of artificial intelligence, so that it may be fair, secure and sustainable for our society as a whole

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Whistleblowing: what is it, how does it change and what do experts say

TopHic April 2023 – In the April issue of TopHic our experts analyse the updates on Whistleblowing following the regulatory updates entered into force in March

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ESG: the challenge we need to accept

TopHic March 2023 - In the March issue of TopHic, our experts analyse the importance of environmental sustainability in the world of work, examining the three ESG criteria to promote the adoption of environmental and social values.

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The momentum of distressed M&A

TopHic February 2023 – In the February issue of TopHic, our experts analyse the distressed M&A segment, focusing on the current trend that should lead to a progressive increase in such transactions over the next months

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Budget Law 2023

TopHic January 2023 – In the January issue of TopHic, our experts analyse Budget Law 2023, which was certainly impacted by the effects of the international context and, particularly, by the economic consequences connected to the increase in the cost of raw materials.

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The reform of the Third Sector

TopHic Christmas edition 2022 – In the TopHic Christmas edition, our professionals analyse the growth of the Third Sector, which now requires entities to pay attention to the legal form, the organization and the coverage of risks.

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The importance of Due Diligence

TopHic April 2022 - In the April issue of TopHic our professionals analyse Due Diligence from various angles, drawing from the experience accrued by Grant Thornton in this area

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M&A turnaround and negotiated composition

TopHic March 2022 - In the March issue of TopHic our experts examine the available turnaround strategies, also through M&A operations, nowadays an essential tool to face the ongoing change in the global business scenario.

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Post-crisis? The instruments of Budget Law 2022

Tophic February 2022 - In the February issue of TopHic our experts discuss the new Budget Law 2022 which, given the context in which it was approved, could not provide structural interventions having a strategic impact on the management of Italian businesses.

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Tax Control Framework

TopHic January 2022 - Our professionals analyse the Tax Control Framework as a tool to manage tax risks and the relevant procedures

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Digital Transformation: related opportunities and challenges

In the TopHic of December 2021, our experts analyze the advent of digital transformation and how this process is pushing organizations to start a process of evolution of the working methods and strategies adopted so far.

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Will the Recovery and Resilience Plan boost italian economy?

In the November issue of TopHic our experts focus on the various aspects characterising the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR), analysing some of them more in depth to help you make informed decisions

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No-Green Pass, how can we manage them?

TopHic October 2021 - In the October issue of TopHic our experts analyse the new urgent measures introduced to ensure a safe performance of working activities in the public and private sector, by extending the scope of the COVID-19 green pass obligation

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True innovation drives businesses beyond

TopHic September 2021 - Our experts analyse how SMEs are the driver beyond the global economy, with a view to the Open Innovative PMI Award 2021

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Congrats Mr. Bernoni!

In the July issue of TopHic some of the most representative figures of Bernoni Grant Thornton go back over their memories to celebrate the 60th anniversary of our firm

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Debt: European scenarios for the post Covid-19 phase

Tophic June 2021 - Our experts analyse the financial restructuring of banks and companies in the post-Covid phase, with the aim to give a wider perspective of this phenomenon and analyse what is happening in other EU countries.

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Debt: opportunity or risk?

TopHic May 2021 - Our experts analyse the measures adopted to mitigate the impact of the crisis and reduce the risk of insolvency

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Responsible management of post Covid-19 choices

TopHic April 2021 - Grant Thornton experts analyse the importance of making conscious choices after Covid-19

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Development drivers not related to moratoriums

TopHic March 2021 - Grant Thornton experts analyse the development drivers that are not related to moratoriums.

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The new Budget Law

TopHic March 2021 - Grant Thornton professionals analyse the development drivers that are not related to moratoriums.

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New Transfer Pricing fulfilments

TopHic January 2021 - Grant Thornton professionals analyse the new Transfer Pricing fulfilments to be complied with.

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The implementation of DAC6 in Italy

TopHic December 2020 - Our experts analyse the DAC6 implementation in Italy from various standpoints.

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110%bonus: the complex system of fulfilments

TopHic November 2020 – Our experts discuss the so-called Bonus 110% incentive, analysing its related fulfilments.

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Internationalisation? Now, you can

TopHic October 2020 – Our professionals provide insights on concessional loans granted for internationalization, managed by SIMEST S.p.A., following the Government provisions to support companies due to the Coronavirus pandemic emergency.

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The three pillars of Debt Management

TopHic June 2020 – Our experts provide insights into debt management, analysing instruments, opportunities, and new peculiarities to take into account and suggesting how to face phase 2 of the Covid-19 emergency.

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A prismatic point of view on smart working

TopHic May 2020 - Our experts analyse under multiple and interesting points of view the smart working, illustrating the characteristics of this kind of remote working now that has become omnipresent across the entire country.

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Clever Desk: your interactive support

TopHic April 2020 – Our experts illustrate all the characteristics and services provided by Clever Desk, the new interactive online platform by Grant Thornton whose aim is to concretely respond to the Covid-19 emergency related difficulties.

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Direct Selling

TopHic March 2020 – Our experts define direct selling, an industry relatively less known but greatly expanding considering that the volume of direct sales has registered a constant growth rate over the past few years all over the world.

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Legislative Decree 231/01

TopHic February 2020 – In this issue our experts explain the Legislative Decree 231/01 with particular attention on tax crimes and tax risk management. The right application of 231 models, indeed, can have positive results on the corporate governance.

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