People are at the heart of any thriving business and are one of your most valuable assets.

This means your human resources department could spend the majority of its time and energy managing day-to-day low value added activities. By transferring these duties to Grant Thornton, you can boost productivity, standardise your processes and cut costs. 

We listen closely to your business’ needs and deliver solutions unique to your circumstances. Depending on your needs, we can either manage your entire HR process or individual aspects of your strategy. 

Our solutions

  • Integrated and automated payroll cycle;
  • Drafting of employment contracts;
  • Expense report management;
  • Expats support services and "immigration" services;
  • Contribution representation for non-resident employers;
  • Search and selection of personnel;
  • Employment planning;
  • Human resources reorganization;
  • Analysis and optimization of management times and costs;
  • Resolution and settlement of HR and payroll disputes;
  • Payroll and contributions management;
  • Integrative health care;
  • Complementary pension obligations;
  • Processing and printing of prospectuses;
  • Activities start / end operations;
  • ENASARCO management;
  • "Leoni Web" portal service;
  • Social security representatives for foreign companies without permanent establishment in Italy;
  • Transnational postings;
  • Due Diligence;
  • Labor, social security and union advice;


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To find out more about our Human Resources Services, contact Eugenio Leoni.

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