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How to keep working efficiently in difficult situations

This new desk can rely on the support of Grant Thornton professionals, who will be available to answer to your questions and requests, free of any charge.








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Clever Desk, supporting businesses and entrepreneurs

Our helpdesk aims at giving a concrete response following the difficulties arisen from the current global emergency. The main purpose of our Clever Desk is to support businesses managing the current crisis and its financial, tax, corporate, and payroll consequences. Support is the keyword: we support businesses so that they can adapt to changes and face the emergency.

How can we respond to your needs

Your first contact with our Clever Desk are two reference partners, who, due to their interdisciplinary experience, can direct each specific request to the most appropriate team in our organization. This approach allows us to provide an agile and specialized support at the same time and, therefore, assist you with those service areas that are most relevant for businesses, i.e.: tax, corporate, financial, contributions and incentives, human resources & payroll, outsourcing.

Our alerts

Tax bonuses for building renovations

Last updated on 28 February In the last few months, the Government introduced material amendments to the norms regulating the 110% Superbonus and the so-called “minor tax bonuses”, which led, with the so-called “Sostegni-Ter Decree” to an actual block of the tax credits market. The Government started this initiative with the issuance of the Anti-fraud Decree (Law Decree no. 157 dated 11 November 2021 [read more]

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Transfer of operating properties

Last updated on 28 February - Specifically, it is provided for that in case of transfer of a business or business unit, the registration tax and mortgage and land registry fees apply to the transfer of operating properties for a fixed amount equal to Euro 200 each. This is a significant exception to the general regulation, which provides for the application of a proportional [read more]

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The new regime of super-deduction of r&d expenses

Last updated on 28 February - Art. 6 of Law Decree no. 146 dated 22 October 2021, as amended by art. 1, para. 10 of Budget Law 2022, repealed the “old” Patent Box regime and substituted it, with effect from tax period 2021, with a 110% increase in the deduction for IRES (corporate income tax) and IRAP (regional production tax) [read more]

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Covid-19 emergency: relaunch of the economy

Our experts explain and interpret the main governmental measures taken during the emergency: reopenings, provisions and incentives which aim to facilitate Italian economic recovery.


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Alert - 2021

Discover all the regulatory updates regarding Covid-19 explained by Bernoni Grant Thornton's experts


Alert - 2020

Discover all the regulatory updates regarding Covid-19 explained by Bernoni Grant Thornton's experts


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Our professionals explain emergency-related Decrees

This section is dedicated to insights and analyses produced by our professionals concerning all the Law Decrees, issued by the Italian Government along with all the latest news and updates.

Download the pdf to stay informed about all the news and the most relevant updates.

Our solutions

  • Our solutions

    Assistance and coordination on tax, social security contributions, allowances, incentives

    We can assist entrepreneurs by understanding the specific situation and analysing the most urgent issues and/or opportunities and, therefore, by suggesting the most appropriate solutions in the light of the recent extraordinary law provisions related to Coronavirus.

  • Our solutions

    Corporate, financial and accounting assistance

    Our professionals can assist you dealing with the new and many law provisions related to the corporate and accounting aspects of our activity, as well as with the many possible actions and solutions to the financial crisis, with the aim, firstly, to ensure business continuity and, secondly, to foster the future business development.

  • Our solutions

    Tax litigation and tax collection assistance

    Clever Desk offers an immediate, simple and concrete response to those issues related to tax litigation and tax collection, which have been hot topics in the Italian legislation for the last few days.

  • Our solutions

    Labour, payroll and HR assistance

    Our HR experts are available to solve any problem and help you taking any opportunity derived from the so-called “Cura Italia” decree (Law Decree no.18, dated 17 March 2020).

  • Our solutions

    Communication & marketing

    Communication is a crucial instrument for businesses, especially in crisis situations. Our professionals will listen to your specific needs and will propose the communication activities that most suit you, through both online and offline means.

Clever Desk Webinars

Review the live broadcasts and download the slides of the Webinars held by our experts on economic, legal and financial issues related to the management of the Covid-19 health emergency:


Distance Working - managing smart working and remote working

Covid-19 has forced many businesses and employees to experience distance working. Grant Thornton can support you in the arrangement and implementation of effective distance working programmes through a strategic approach.

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TopHic April 2020

Read TopHic, our new monthly magazine edited by the professionals of Grant Thornton

TopHic April 2020

The paradox of transfer pricing

Our partner, Paolo Besio, outlines the current economic situation, significantly impacting the business world

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Managing mobility in the face of COVID-19

Across the globe, the spread of the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) is having a significant humanitarian impact and increasingly, an economic impact from stock markets to global supply chains

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Strengthening of healthcare service and economic support

Paolo Besio, Partner, comments the so-called “Cura Italia” Decree by the President of the Republic

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