The concept of data has gone through a huge change over the last thirty years. Before the advent of the Internet, data were something that belonged to businesses and that needed to be processed to provide a result relevant to management; in fact, it was common to talk about management control.

With the advent of the Internet, data collection has become increasingly easier and companies started talking about Business Intelligence, where internal data were connected to data sourced externally. Shortly afterwards, the term Big Data started being used, referring to the possibility to acquire, process and relate with each other a huge quantity of data.

Big Data, initially described as the great opportunity to resolve any problem, from business ones to those related to health system, was also characterized by a negative meaning when such techniques started being used to manipulate people’s will through personalized messages linked to a peculiar analysis of addressees’ behaviour.

GT Digital can support clients in seizing the opportunities offered by Big Data, from the definition of strategies to the implementation of systems, supporting business-specialized teams and technology-specialized teams with a team dedicated to regulatory compliance and general data protection, to guarantee a result that can both meet business needs and comply with regulations.

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Head of Technology & Innovation
Roberto Antoniotti