The evolution of business has been subject to an extraordinary acceleration thanks to technological progress.

We could consider as the first “computer” the one designed by Turing, with the contribution of other colleagues, to decode enemies’ messages during World War II. This happened in 1942, 80 years ago. The Internet, more or less as we know it, came in Italy in 1990, 32 years ago.

Over the last thirty years, the acceleration fostered by technological development has been staggering.

Innovation management is a highly risky and time-consuming activity. However, “innovators” need to make decisions in a short time in order to launch, redirect, finance, or interrupt initiatives to seize certain opportunities or leave space for new ideas.

Those who cannot innovate and leverage technologies – for example, as they invest too little, make the wrong investment, or do not have the courage to bring their business model into question – are soon excluded from the market.

GT Digital supports clients in making strategic choices, identifying innovation opportunities, comparing themselves with competitors, and managing innovation initiatives.