Helping you balance risk and opportunity

The relationship between a company and its auditors has changed. regulatory enactments continue to alter the corporate governance landscape. Organisations are held accountable for accuracy and integrity in their business operations and they must have effective and reliable governance and compliance procedures in place. Additionally, they must understand and manage risk and seek an appropriate balance between risk and opportunities.

We offer a full suite of services to help organisations strike that balance.


Our solutions

Our business risk services help organisations manage risk, prepare for uncertainties and manage them in order to minimise negative effects. Our services include:

Internal audit

We work with our clients to assess their corporate level risk, identify areas of greatest risk and develop appropriate work plans and audit programmes to mitigate these risks. Our internal audit service ranges from full outsourcing, co-sourcing with client audit functions to audit transformation, process mapping and quality assurance reviews.

Sarbanes-Oxley consulting (SOX) and Italian Law 262/2005

Our experienced professionals are specialised in risk and control and facilitate interaction among our clients' audit committees, management teams and their existing internal and external audit group. This means they streamline their efforts towards SOX compliance with increased efficiency and effectiveness.

Enterprise risk management (ERM)

Our ERM specialists help organisations implement the leading approach to managing and optimising risk. We are able to tailor the approach to our client's individual challenge and create bespoke strategies that work, enabling them to strategically identify, analyse and monitor potential risk to their organisation.


Our cyber-security solutions are designed for clients seeking to address a variety of complex security requirements. We can help organisations assess their security vulnerability, establish or improve their IT security processes, also with reference to international standards.

Personal data protection

Our experienced professionals can advise you on Data Privacy, in compliance with the recently issued EU Regulation 2016/79.

Business continuity

We assist our clients with analysing continuity risks, defining and maintaining business continuity plans and disaster recovery plans to manage the restoration of disrupted core activities.

Anti-fraud services

We help our clients avoid reputational damage from ill-managed fraud risk. Our professionals are adept at deterring and detecting fraud or abusive activity, conducting forensic investigation, uncovering evidence and supporting companies involved in existing or pending litigation.

Anti-bribery and anti-corruption

We advise organisations on addressing all bribery- and corruption-related challenges such as violations of the books and records provision. We can help organisations to develop, implement and continuously monitor compliance programmes.

Administrative liability of companies and legal entities

Our experts keep constantly up to date with regulatory changes in the norms concerning the administrative liability of companies and legal entities. They support clients in defining, updating and implementing the organisational models in compliance with Legislative Decree 231/2001. They can also act as members of Supervisory Bodies and assist with monitoring and internal audit, as well as with devising and providing the relevant training.

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