Nowadays, law is a complex matter

Nowadays, the concept of law as a set of ordered rules is associated with the concept of complexity.

The intensity of economic relations, relations among countries, the multiplicity of political and social interests in the conflict between them and the sharpness of these conflicts are the reasons that make today's systems of law complex all over the world.

The quantitative dimension of this complexity is manifested by the thousands of regulations that are enacted every year as well as by the thousands of disputes that affect the courts every year.

From a qualitative point of view, each norm is nothing more than a particle of a legal system that would like to be unitary. This means that each norm must be applied in coordination, even multidisciplinary, with the other regulations in force.

From this great complexity derives the unavoidable need of all private parties with economic interests not to improvise and to guarantee themselves the best legal assistance not only in the sector, but with an interdisciplinary vision. This is to avoid acting illegally or liability that could compromise the clients’ economic results or assets and also to avoid missing opportunities.


Grant Thornton's Legal Department

On the basis of the previous considerations Grant Thornton has expanded the range of its professional services by setting up a legal department that has the mission of assisting clients in strong and structural coordination with the professionals of the other service areas provided by the Firm in order to offer advice that has the merits of specialization and overall vision at the same time.

Thanks to a team of dynamic professionals and experts in various subjects, the client can be assisted in every need and with the same care both on important operations or disputes and on simple matters. This can happen in Italy and in every country in the world thanks to the possibility of accessing the professionals of Grant Thornton's network.

Grant Thornton's lawyers were selected based on their high level of professional training and versatility

Our experts stay in close contact with the client and the work is organized vertically by teams specialized in the various sectors of law so as to provide personalized and high-profile advice.

The constant collaboration with professionals of other areas of activity of the firm allows to create synergies and immediate response even on issues, such as tax and digital, no longer ancillary to civil and commercial law.


How we can assist you

Thanks to our experience and professionalism, our experts can support you at both domestic and international out-of-court and judicial level in the following areas:

  • individuals and family
  • succession and generational transitions
  • real estate and leases
  • commercial law and business contracts
  • corporate and trust law
  • mergers, acquisitions and private equity
  • civil and professional liability
  • work
  • administrative law and tenders
  • industrial and intellectual property law
  • banking and financial law
  • insurance
  • bankruptcies and repairs to business crises
  • criminal law
  • litigation before the ordinary judicial, administrative and arbitration authorities