Aligning a global mobility strategy with business objectives

In a globalised world, businesses must work seamlessly across borders. Organisations operate in multiple countries and view international expansion as a strategic objective. International talent mobility is a key element of a successful global business and with it comes challenges and risks, as well as opportunities. With ever changing global tax regulations, an effective, compliant and cost-efficiently managed international mobility program is a critical component of successful talent management and business operations.

Our teams of mobility and human capital advisers work together with you to build and evolve a smart global mobility strategy, along with policies and processes that address the complex challenges of managing an international workforce from assignees to business travellers. For example:

  • minimising and managing international complexities in your business tax profile
  • aligning your internal policies and procedures, business culture and growth strategy
  • preparing your international assignees for the personal, professional and logistical considerations of relocation
  • evolving your mobility policy, informed by trends in the market and global legislative change
  • providing technology solutions, processes and policies to manage the complexities of business travellers.

Organisations that prepare carefully and leverage the right knowledge and advice can transform the challenges they face into their advantages.

A clear, transparent approach to expatriate assignments

Our approach to mobility provides you with the forward-thinking solutions and compliance that provides successful management of your international assignments. Drawing on the knowledge and insights of our global network of mobility professionals, we work with you to deliver insightful solutions that:

  • deliver tax efficiencies
  • are globally compliant
  • avoid costly problems for employees assigned overseas.

We offer a wide range of services to support both companies and individuals, including:

Global Mobility Services for your business

  • Strategic assignment planning
  • Assignment policy development, including equalisation, protection and ‘host plus’
  • Budgeting and cost management
  • Coordination of global compliance and advisory services
  • Global compensation, pension and benefit advisory services
  • Business traveller advisory and technology solutions
  • Tax compliance and advisory services.

Global Mobility Services for your people

  • Arrival and departure tax briefings and compliance
  • Tax preparation and consulting services
  • Assistance with assessments, audits and notices
  • Tax equalisation and protection reconciliation
  • Knowledge of the overall impact of the assignment on personal tax affairs.