Winners: Fri-El Green Power, Chemtex Italia and Agricola Le Gerre

This is the final decision of the Jury of the Good Energy Award 2011 – aimed at rewarding producers and constructors of plants for the renewable energy industry. The Jury examined the economic performance and assets situation of applicant companies, focusing their attention on ROE, turnover, produced MW, equity/capital ratio, investment on research and development activities, value produced for the territory and the stakeholder community, and ability to continuously create jobs.

The prize-giving ceremony of the Good Energy Award 2011 was held on 9 June 2011 at the eighteenth-century Villa Trivulzio in Omate (MB).

GEA 2011 Nearly 2 billion people globally have no access to electricity. Clean energy could satisfy 50% of total needs
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Winners and finalists

Among the applications received, the Jury panel selected nine finalists, three for each category: Producer (Fri-El Green Power Spa, Castello Monte Vibiano Vecchio S.r.l, and Generale Energia S.p.A.), Constructor (Chemtex Italia S.r.l, FERA S.r.l, and Genera S.p.A.) and Trader (Società Agricola Le Gerre Ss, Fra.Ma.S.r.l, and Gruppo ICQ).

The winners of the 2nd edition are:

  • Fri-El Green Power (Bolzano), for the Producer category
  • Chemtex Italia (Alessandria), for the Constructor category
  • Società Agricola Le Gerre (Cremona), for the Trader category

Sponsors and scientific support

The award was sponsored by:

  • IMQ – Istituto Marchio di Qualità
  • Gruppo HERA

and received the scientific support of:

  • GSE-Gestore Servizi Energetici (Italian state-owned company which promotes and supports renewable energy sources)
  • FIPER (Italian federation for the production of energy from renewable sources)
  • TIS Innovation Park in Bolzano
  • Università di Milano-Bicocca
  • Università di Trento
  • Parco Tecnologico Padano
  • Federazione AEIT (Italian Association of Electrical, Electronics, Automation, Information and Communication Technology)
  • PDMA SE (Product Development and Management Association South Europe)

Jury panel

The Jury panel of the Good Energy Award 2011 was chaired by:

  • Maurizio Fauri - Professor of Sistemi Elettrici per l'Energia at Università di Trento and President of Polo per l’Energia, i.e. the Technological Center for Energy of Trento

and composed by:

  • Renzo Capra - FIPER scientific committee and President of A2A
  • Alessandro Beda - Vice President at Sodalitas
  • Giuseppe Bernardi - CEO at Mittel Corporate Finance
  • Giampio Bracchi - Chairman of Fomdazione Politecnico di Milano
  • Andrea Cerroni - Università di Milano Bicocca, sociology and social research department
  • Maurizio Finicelli - President of Ria & Partners
  • Enrico Fusi - executive at Istituto Giuseppe Toniolo di Studi Superiori, founding institution of Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
  • Giuseppe Garofano - Vice Presidente at Alerion Clean Power
  • Giuseppe La Loggia - Sunpower Corporation
  • Francesco Zanotti - Researcher in systems theory

Winners of the Good Energy Award 2011