Small and medium enterprises are the main driver behind the Italian and European economies. In Italy there are actually about 160,000 businesses, with a total turnover between 2 and 50 million Euro, which fall within the scope of the European definition of SME. In this context, the Italian government, with Law Decree dated 24 January 2015, defined innovative SMEs as a business category which can benefit of specific favourable tax regimes.

In order to promote this category of companies, Grant Thornton devised the Open Innovative PMI project, aimed at monitoring, promoting and leveraging the best Italian innovation, increasing the visibility of businesses with a high growth potential.

In the articles below, our professionals outline and analyse in depth the world of SMEs, including innovative ones, and their relevance in the entrepreneurial scenario.

Overview - Innovation as the key factor for growth

By Davide Savian - Partner of Bernoni Grant Thornton

Open Innovative PMI is a multidisciplinary project concerning SMEs and innovation, aimed to develop skills and increase awareness among Italian innovative SMEs. Conceived by Grant Thornton it is the first Italian project concerning SMEs and innovation [...]


Expert's opinion - Innovative SMEs: requirements and advantages

By Federico Feroci - Partner of Bernoni Grant Thornton

The expression “innovative SMEs” refers to a category of small and medium enterprises which benefit from a specific favourable tax regime, introduced with Law Decree no. 3 dated 24 January 2015, converted by Law no. 33 dated 24 March 2015. Said regime was [...]


Focus on - Small and medium enterprises: the driver beyond the economy

By Alberto Alverà - Senior Manager of Grant Thornton Financial Advisory Services

In order to benefit from the supporting measures introduced by the European Union and by the Italian government, companies need to meet not only the “innovation” requirement, as discussed in the previous article, but also the “small and medium enterprise”  [...]