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Comment letter

When collaboration fosters growth

Alessandro Dragonetti Alessandro Dragonetti

The European Collaboration Group, organised by Grant Thornton International Ltd was held last February in London.

The representatives of eight European Grant Thornton member firms participated in this event, including Italy, who met with the aim of finding and sharing strategies and ideas to improve collaboration within the network and favouring its development, with particular reference to Europe.

Grant Thornton's future drivers

After few months from the appointment of the new Grant Thornton leadership team at the beginning of 2018, this meeting represented a chance to discuss and stress the drivers that will lead the activity of the whole organization over next years, i.e.: technology, innovation, leadership, sustainable growth, not only at level of single countries, but in the whole European region.

In an interconnected and fast-changing world, digitalization and an effective use of new technologies represent unavoidable factors for businesses that want to become international, as well as for their consultants, both during ordinary activities and in case of M&A operations.

During the meeting in London, it came to light that, in such a context, developing a collaborative culture and a regular relationships with colleagues working in other Grant Thornton member firms is a crucial objective, in order to duly identify the needs of each specific client, driven an ever-changing environment, and to respond in a proficient and integrated way, in whatever country it is.

Focus on financial services

Among services promoted by the working group there are financial services, which are considered as being strategic in the European market: in this context, a collaboration strategy aimed at sharing tools and expertise among all concerned countries, thus implementing a cross-border cooperation, where skills will determined respective roles depending on single countries.

Collaboration between European and Chinese companies

A further issue analysed during the meeting concerns the Grant Thornton China Europe Business Group, created to foster collaboration between European and Chinese companies, which has been creating many contacts. Also, top managers of ICBC, the giant Chinese bank, and some of the main partners of Grant Thornton China (member firm with over 5,100 people, including 229 partners, in 24 offices, with revenues equal to 285 million dollars) will meet in Madrid on 10 May.


Lastly, here is a list of events organized by the Grant Thornton network up to next June, which also our professionals will take part in: Advanced Manager Programme (Singapore, 1-4 May), Global Telecommunication Meeting (Milan, 10-11 May), European Tax Compliance Collaboration Meeting (Amsterdam, 15-16 May), European Regional Meeting (Stockholm, 16-17 May), Advisory Global Conference (Beijing, 22-24 May), IBC Meeting (Buenos Aires, 5-7 June).

A busy agenda, proving our constant focus on preventing and meeting the needs of our clients and prospects.