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Our courses

We provide not only on mandatory training courses on safety in the workplace and Business English courses, but also courses for professional growth, team building and soft skills.

Our offer

Participation by employers will allow having access not only to the courses offered by Leoni & Partners, but also to those offered by other Entities, benefitting from a refund of 80% of VAT taxable base of each course, up to a total amount of Euro 1,500.00.

For further information, please contact Laura Bodra via email or at number 02/36573520.


English courses

  • Business English (intermediate);
  • Business English (advanced).

Safety in the workplace

  • Safety of workers (low risk);
  • Safety of workers (medium risk);
  • L.S. (representative of workers for safety) training – up to 50 employees;
  • L.S. (representative of workers for safety) training – more than 50 employees;
  • Antincendio (rischio basso);

Soft skills

  • Growing in a team: from a working “group” to a performing team;
  • Personnel recruiting and selection; 
  • High Impact Presentation Skills: how to realize and explain effective presentations;
  • Public Speaking – How to talk to the public in a clear, precise and involving manner;
  • Public Speaking for professionals – How to communicate fluently and expressively;
  • People Management – How to manage and motivate your collaborators.

"Notice no. 02/18 issued by Fondoprofessioni finances the participation in specific listed training courses for a total amount of Euro 1.000.000,00 (onemillion/00). Each Firm/Company can participate in more than one individual training course, for a contribution equal to 80% of VAT taxable base of each single initiative, up to a total contribution of Euro 1.500,00 (onethousandfivehundred/00)".  


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