Simonetta La Grutta contributor of the EU VAT Compass
The contribution by Simonetta La Grutta concerns the regulations introduced in the Italian VAT system.
Grant Thornton obtains recognition of VAT refund
Grant Thornton obtains from the Court of Lazio the recognition of the VAT refund related to start-up phase costs
European indirect tax group wins collaboration award
Eight years ago, leaders from several European countries took the initiative to improve cross-border collaboration in order to better serve our international
Pubblications Simonetta La Grutta contributor of EU VAT Compass 2019/2020
Simonetta La Grutta ha contribuito alla redazione del “EU VAT Compass 2019/2020”
New terms for the transmission of cross-border transactions
New provisions have been introduced on monthly electronic transmission of data on cross-border transactions to the Tax Authorities
Simonetta La Grutta co-author of the 2019 VAT Manual
Simonetta La Grutta, Partner and Head of VAT, is “contributor” for Italy to the new 2019 VAT Manual.
report Direct to indirect taxation
From pricing and reputational risks to the threat of systems overload and cash flow disruption, indirect taxation is nothing like as easy as it seems
Clarifications on subjects that can set up a VAT Group
In circular letter no. 19/E the Revenue Office analyses the VAT Group regulation, including the subjects that can set up a VAT Group
Final VAT system for cross-border trade in the EU
The European commission presented the proposal for a Directive COM (2018) 329, towards the constitution of a final VAT system for trade within the EU
VAT Alert Tax Decree: updates on VAT
Law Decree dated 23 October 2018, no. 119 includes some tax measures concerning VAT