The four driver of business growth in Italy and globally

Alessandro Dragonetti Alessandro Dragonetti

The key role played by SMEs in the Italian business context is significantly similar to their role at a global level. Studies and researches carried out both at a domestic and international level confirm that this business sector shows higher potential growth rates than those of large companies.

According to a report by the Economist, the middle market growth rate in the period 2017-2022 is expected to reach 4.7% and to be 0.9% higher than the relevant estimate for large companies.

The key growth drivers for SMEs are:

  • technology, R&D and innovation
  • flexibility, agility and resilience
  • access to the global market (goods, services, human and financial resources)
  • M&A

Of course, not all business sectors will contribute to the same extent to the global growth. The industrial sector should be the highest-performing, followed by technology (including media and tlc), healthcare, services and consumer products.