Grant Thornton sponsors Trento’s Festival of Economics

This year, once again Grant Thornton sponsors the Festival of Economics that will be held in Trento in September 2020 (24 Sept to 27 Sept). The Festival, now at its 15th edition, will focus on the relationship between environment and growth and will involve economists, academics, entrepreneurs and managers who will provide their different perspectives on the evolution of the events that keep transforming the global socio-economic scenario, discussing on economic sustainability and uncertainties on the future.

The Festival of Economics is also seriously debating on the outcomes of the Covid-19 outbreak and the events these past few months.

This year the Festival overture takes place on Friday May 29 at 4.30 p.m. and will trigger a series of online meetings that will continue until September, with the aim of creating an economics virtual lab. Speakers include Italian and foreign economists, scholars, journalists and economic operators and traders, as well as representatives from international and domestic public institutions who will express their point of view on the events that are changing our world.

We kindly invite you to check the Festival’s website for more information on the program and relevant updates, as well as to join web events.