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Distance Working

Distance Working: managing smart working and remote working

Renato Sesana Renato Sesana

Renato Sesana, Partner of Grant Thornton Financial Advisory Services, explains below the characteristics of Distance Working, the new Grant Thornton program to strategically support companies at times of Covid-19 emergency:

"With Covid-19 emergency, terms as remote working, flexible working and smart working have become commonly known and used by many of us, even though they are often confused and used improperly.

Distance Working is Grant Thornton programme that, starting from the concept of remote working and smart working, aimed to develop a structured organizational approach in line with the specific features of each business, enhancing the benefits that remote working brings, limiting its critical aspects, and managing its related risks effectively.

The Distance working programme stands out for its personalized approach, based on the specific characteristics and needs of each organization, as well as for its modular and multi-disciplinary features, thanks to the involvement of experts in strategy and analysis of costs efficiency, organizational and process consultant, tax experts, consultants specialized in labour law and security issues, as well as cybersecurity and ICT architecture experts."