Internationalisation? Now, you can

In the October edition of TopHic, our experts provide some insights into the concessional loans granted to support internationalization, managed by SIMEST S.p.A. (company of the Italian National Promotional Institution group Cassa depositi e Prestiti) subsequently to the government provisions to support businesses introduced due to the Coronavirus pandemic emergency.

In fact, many relevant updates have been introduced following the authorization by the European Commission within the Temporay Framework for State aid measures. In particular, starting from 6 August, concessional measures have been extended and offered more opportunities for Italian businesses, allowing a higher number of businesses to access these measures and further strengthening the benefits granted to the seven project types specifically provided for internationalization.

Overview - Grants to support business internationalisation

By Sergio Montedoro - Partner of Bernoni Grant Thornton

Within the initiatives undertaken by the Government to support businesses further to the COVID-19 epidemiologic emergency, are the significant novelties introduced as concerns “grants for business internationalisation”, managed by Simest S.pA., a company within the Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (Italian Deposits and Loans Fund). These grants were introduced by Law Decree n. 251 dated 28 May 1981 […]


Expert's opinion - State aid measures: evolution at the time of the pandemic

By Valerio Valla - CEO Studio Valla

The health emergency caused by COVID-19 represents a clear threaten for all global economies, which, due to the shock suffered, are going through a serious recession. The first reaction to the pandemic, characterized by progressively more restrictive containment measures, led to a decrease in production, as well as a drop in demand […]


Focus on - SIMEST grants: projects for business internationalisation

By Federico Feroci - Partner of Bernoni Grant Thornton

The strengthening of the measures for business internationalisation started at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, providing for a broadening not only of the addresses (including Mid-Cap and large companies), but also of eligible expenses. With different regulatory interventions, aimed at lifting up the challenging economic situation […]