First Scientific Committee of Bernoni Grant Thornton

The Italian challenge

On 23 January 2017, the first Scientific Committee of Bernoni Grant Thornton met in Rome at LUMSA University.

Main objective is to exchange views and sharing ideas with business leaders representing the needs of specific categories, industries and communities with reference to a series of issues related to the peculiar economic scenario and transition phase Italy is facing.

The main theme of the first meeting was “The Italian challenge”, i.e. how much our country can be attractive to foreign investors. Gerhard Dambach, Managing Director of Robert Bosch SpA presented his success story and wished more young people would join Italian SMEs, thus virally spreading the digital evolution and help companies best meet industry 4.0 and digitalisation challenges, the two key features characterising the economic, commercial and financial scenario of the near future. Italy will succeed in assuring a valid professional future to younger generations only if it will be able to adopt a new educational strategy providing for working periods besides theoretical lessons for high school and university students.

In addition to some Partners of Bernoni Grant Thornton, approx. 30 manager and entrepreneurs of multinational groups and State-owned companies were present, who agreed upon the fact that the Italian school and university system must take up the challenge and create synergies with the technologies and other innovations. Among the attendees were Domenico Tudini, president of the Italian State Institute of Printing and Minting, Alberto Dossi, president of Sapio Group, Paolo Bertoli, president of the ANDAF (Italian association of CFOs) advisory council, Consuelo Corradi, vice-chancellor for research and internationalisation at LUMSA University.

Alessandro Dragonetti, Managing Partner and Head of Tax of Bernoni Grant Thornton, opened the meeting underlining that the theme of the Committee was a topical one given the current international scenario. He then invited all to the next meeting, which will focus on one of the following themes: the norms to be introduced in Italy in order to maximize domestic SMEs' opportunities in the digital era or cybersecurity and the digital economy.