Advanced training course

Over-indebtedness crisis management

Gabriele Felici, partner at Bernoni Grant Thornton, will participate as lecturer in the fourth edition of the Advanced Training Course on Over-indebtedness Crisis Management, promoted by Università degli Studi di Roma Tor Vergata and by the Roll of Chartered Accountants in Rome. The training course qualifies for the purposes of professional training required by art. 4, para 6, Ministry Decree 24 September 2014 no. 202.

The training course consists of 40 classroom lessons and concerns the proceedings to settle an over-indebtedness crisis introduced by “Sviluppo Bis” Law Decree, which expressly regulates the crisis of those subjects which have never been considered by previous laws – i.e. those that cannot be subject to bankruptcy or to composition with creditors, small entrepreneurs, small farmers, innovative start-ups, professionals, consumers and individuals – whose indebtedness cannot be attributed to an entrepreneurial activity.

The programme provides a specific interdisciplinary training: civil and business law, bankruptcy law and civil enforcement law, business economics, tax and social security law.

The course will start on Friday 24 February. During days two and four, Gabriele Felici will speak about the following themes:

  • 3 March 2017: from Law dated 27 January 2012, no. 3 (“Centaro” law) to current regulation
  • 10 March 2017: the over-indebted (and consumer) and the manager’s activities; the liquidation of assets.