Simonetta La Grutta co-author of the 2019 VAT Manual

Simonetta La Grutta, Partner and Head of VAT at Bernoni Grant Thornton, is a co-author of the XL edition of the “2020 VAT Manual”.

The Manual, edited by Eutekne, provides an exhaustive comment on Presidential Decree no. 633/72, including the VAT updates introduced by Law Decree no. 124/2019 and Budget Law 2020, as well as the standard practice and Italian and EU case law on VAT.

The Manual also analyses the latest updates on electronic invoicing and payment and includes an analytical index of all VAT items and sub-items, thus providing a quick reference to each single article of Presidential Decree no. 633/72 and to their relevant analysis.

Simonetta La Grutta also contributed to the realization of the book “Dichiarazione IVA 2020 - Istruzioni commentate” (2020 VAT return  - commented instructions), the first 2020 volume of the series "Speciale Dichiarazioni" (special on tax returns), dedicated to annual VAT return, which provides instruction for the compilation of the form, integrated with interpretations of the relevant doctrine, practice, and case law.

Each author’s e contribution is updated and enriched and follows instructions step by step, pointing out controversial cases and the latest news introduced in the last year, also suggesting practical compilation examples.

For further details and information, please visit Eutekne website.

Copertina del manuale IVA di cui Simonetta La Grutta è coautrice