Press release

CSR Day 2019

Rome, 18 September 2019 – On Friday 20 September, SOS Children’s Villages in Rome and Saronno will welcome Grant Thornton people, who can give a tangible contribution and be involved in practical activities, promoting inclusion and solidarity initiatives for children living in SOS Children’s Villages.

Within their GT IN THE COMMUNITY - a CSR initiative promoted by the global network in more than 700 cities in over 140 countries - Grant Thornton professionals will commit to improve play areas, provide an economic support to educational activities, listen to children’s perspectives for their future and advise them on their personal and professional achievements, committing to future collaborations both at national and local level in the Italian cities where Grant Thornton has its offices.

“We believe in and support these activities because we consider them a development path both for us and for the companies that want to know more about our work. We are convinced that the direct involvement of professionals like Grant Thornton is key to develop future joint projects to help children in Italy and all over the world”, stated Roberta Capella, Director of SOS Children’s Villages.

“We are very proud to devote our CSR initiative to SOS Children’s Villages - declared Fabio Gallassi and Alessandro Dragonetti, CEOs of Grant Thornton - we strongly believe in the values of the association and in the tangible support they give every day to children and their families, to help them with their education, their introduction into the world of work, and their emancipation. Through our little help we want to provide access to new educational instruments to support less fortunate children that are starting out in a complex society. This is our commitment for our first initiative in Rome and Milan, which will be followed by other ones over the next months”.

One of the priority targets of SOS Children’s Villages 2017-2020 strategy is an increased ability of those children that are about to conclude their care programme to build an independent life. The commitment of the organization is aimed at guaranteeing education and support during the introduction into the world of work to 150 children by the end of 2019.

The participation in the CSR day at SOS Children’s Villages on 20 September will be the basis for other economic and working support initiatives to improve the places where children live, starting a fruitful collaboration between Grant Thornton people in Italy and SOS Children’s Villages.