Webinar - July 10 2020

Property tax: international outlook

Alessandro Dragonetti Alessandro Dragonetti

Webinar in Italian

On 10 July, a Webinar called "Property tax: international outlook” was held by Alessandro Dragonetti, managing partner & head of Tax at Bernoni Grant Thornton. Speakers in the Webinar were also Iacopo Corradi, managing director of Azimut Capital Management, and Bruno Aratri from Fiduciaria Aletti.

Focus of the Webinar

Alessandro Dragonetti, as main speaker of the webinar, stated: "The particular economic situation which our country is going through also following the effects of Covid-19, makes the introduction of a property tax in our legal system an even more present topic, although the political debate on this issues has never really ended.

In such a context, our Webinar aims to provide an outlook on the main OECD countries, in order to be aware of how many of them have introduced a similar regulation (actually, few), identifying their main characteristics.
In addition to the above, our Webinar included a debate with experts in the private Wealth sector, which discussed the relevance of this topic for their clients when evaluating the most suitable (financial and non-financial) investment planning options."