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Webinar - June 19 2020

Italian Relaunch: opportunities for groups operating in Italy

Gabriele Labombarda Gabriele Labombarda

Webinar in English

Friday, June 19, we hosted the webinar "Italian Relaunch: focus on opportunities for groups operating in Italy", conducted by Gabriele Labombarda, Bernoni Grant Thornton Partner & IBC Director for Italy.

We discussed about the deletion of the Regional Tax on Production (IRAP) balance for FY2019 and first advance payment for FY2020 and relevant positive impact on companies’ financial statements.

We moved on to the wide compartment of new tax credits, touching the tax credit on office leases and its conditions, the one regarding the injection of new capital into Italian SMEs, the one for the purchase of PPEs and the fitting of offices to allow workers protection, anticipating the opportunities now available for the sale and purchase of tax credits, newly introduced by the decree.

Finally, we talked about the opportunity of making bargains for foreign groups interested to acquire Italian businesses and how the Relaunch Decree may help them.