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Post Covid-19: effects and outlooks in and out the EU

Gabriele Felici Gabriele Felici

The previous issue of Tophic concerned the financial restructuring of banks and companies in the post-Covid phase. This issue aims to give a less local perspective of this phenomenon and provide an overview of what is happening in other EU countries.

In particular, we focussed our analysis on three countries, which, due to their characteristics, can in our opinion provide a good representation of the EU situation: UK, France, and Spain.

In order to provide such an overview, we involved some of our Grant Thornton network colleagues, specialized in financial restructuring of companies who, thanks to their experience in this area, provided us with an ”as is” and a “to be” situation in their respective countries, as well as with some useful cues on the role that financial advisors have and could have in the next future within financial restructuring plans, following the disapplication of support measures to businesses that are currently in force, since they will not continue being effective for long.

Another analysed issue concerns the effects of the pandemic on the bank system in each of the countries under examination.

Lastly, our network colleagues were asked to briefly explain the main measures adopted by their Governments to support companies in the Covid phase, in order to identify the difference between these measures and those adopted by the Italian Government.