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Digital Transformation related opportunities and challenges

The digital transformation is driving organisations to reinvent themselves and to start a change process involving their working methods and strategies adopted so far.

Those businesses which will first resolve to move in this direction will benefit from the first mover advantage which in a few years will allow them to become industry leaders. Thanks to this new approach it will be possible to link and interpret de-structured data to support managers in their decision-making process and in the evaluation of new business strategies in real time.

Against a backdrop of change, the presence and support of professionals with specific skills is key to leverage on the potential of this transformation.

Overview - Digital transformation & sustainability

By Alessandro Fusellato - Managing Director of Grant Thornton Consultants

The digital transformation is what enables corporate transformation in every industry and in every functional department. The event of the digital transformation is leading companies to reinvent themselves and start a process for the evolution of working procedures and strategies adopted so far. [...]


Expert's opinion - Digital transformation & Cybersecurity

By Alessandro Leone - Partner Grant Thornton FAS

The first primates probably appeared on the hearth 55 million years ago. The first hominids appeared about six million years ago and humans (homo abilis) 2 million years ago, although more evolved humans are more recent: the Neanderthal Man appeared 400,000 years ago and Homo Sapiens 200,000 years ago. [...]


Focus on - Digital transformation & Robot Process Automation

By Roberto Antoniotti - Head of Digital Bernoni Grant Thornton

There are 70 probabilities out of 100 that you have opened this newsletter using a Microsoft email application and there are still very high probabilities that this is the application you use most frequently, together with MS Word and MS Excel. This behaviour is often influenced by the fact that we tend to use a minimum [...]