Current financial statements models

Giulio Tedeschi, partner at Bernoni Grant Thornton, will intervene as a speaker in a conference on the current financial statements models (“L’attuale scenario degli schemi di bilancio”) organized by Assoholding (a not-for-profit association of Italian holdings). The conference will be held in Milan on 16 March 2017.

The conference will analyse the financial statements models to be used, as well as some critical aspects related to them, particularly referring to their tax effects as concerns corporate income surtax, calculation of the taxable base for the purposes of regional tax on production activities (IRAP), deductibility of interest payables and debt write-offs.

Giulio Tedeschi will speak about the hypothetical adoption of IAS by holdings and about the principle of derivation according to new Italian OIC standards and IAS.

The conference has limited seat and registration is required.

Registration to be made by 14 March by calling 06/8417482 or sending an e-mail to