Cyber Security

Agreement Grant Thornton Financial Advisory Services - Yoroi

Yoroi, a leading Italian cyber security services provider, is glad to announce to have entered into a commercial partnership agreement with Grant Thornton Financial Advisory Services, a company operating in the advisory services industry.

Further to this agreement, Grant Thornton Financial Advisory Services will offer its clients protection from cyber-attacks through Yoroi’s advanced Cyber Security Defence Center, managed and constantly monitored and updated by Yoroi’s analysts.

“The partnership with Grant Thornton Financial Advisory Services is one-of-a-kind and shows that the cyber security challenge does not concern only corporate IT functions, but is now at the top of the management agenda” commented Marco Testi, Commercial Director at Yoroi. “More and more frequently, companies are subject to cyber-attacks that conventional cyber security solutions, mainly appliance-based, cannot understand, nor limit. This is due to the fact that an ongoing, human intelligence-based analysis is needed in addition to technology and this is where Yoroi services focus.”

“Our daily experience with clients confirms that prevention and protection from cyber-attacks is a top priority for business leaders”, declared Stefano Salvadeo, CEO of Grant Thornton Financial Advisory Services. “Yoroi’s consultancy approach is particularly aligned to ours and we are glad to be in a position to offer our clients a cutting edge solution which combines analysts’ professionality with the best software available. This will allow our firm to broaden the range of high value-added services we provide to our clients to prevent and manage corporate risks”.