Giulio Tedeschi co-authored a volume on financial statements

Giulio Tedeschi Giulio Tedeschi

Giulio Tedeschi, Partner at Bernoni Grant Thornton and Contract Professor of Best practice methodology with the Department of Economics at Università Cattolica in Milan, collaborated in drafting the volume "Il bilancio di esercizio: profili aziendali, giuridici e principi contabili" (Financial Statements: corporate and legal issues and accounting principles), by Prof. Angelo Palma, published by Giuffrè. In particular, he authored chapter XII: "from operating income to taxable income".

The book, now at its 5th edition, was drawn up in the light of the major changes in the norms regulating financial statements introduced with Legislative Decree n. 139/2015 (implementing in Italy UE Directive n. 2013/34) and of the publication of the new accounting standards by the Italian Accounting Association (OIC).

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