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The Legalcommunity Marketing Awards 2020 were an event aimed at rewarding the professionals operating in the marketing and communication areas and, thus, promoting the contributions of experts in this sector.
Stefania Gandini
I am honoured to receive this award, which gratifies the work of this year that has so been difficult under many aspects, including those related to the management of communication activities. Knowledge management also means the opportunity to share my experience with the BGT team, contributing to its growth and reaching increasingly more appreciated and visible results, day after day.

Stefania Gandini, Head of Communication at Bernoni Grant Thornton, has been awarded as "Manager of the Year - Knowledge Management".

"Stefania Gandini has been able to rely on her twenty-years’ experience to share her marketing and communication skills, which allowed improving the overall quality of all communications tools of the firm", commented Legalcommunity.

The ceremony, which for the first time, took place as a web edition, was organized by and sponsored by Mopi.


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