European indirect tax group wins collaboration award

Eight years ago, leaders from several European countries took the initiative to improve cross-border collaboration in order to better serve our international clients. Rather than treat each other as merely contacts in a network, a formal European Indirect Tax group was established to enhance knowledge, training, marketing and ultimately connectivity so that Grant Thornton could be more agile and responsive to clients’ needs.   

Since its inception all those years ago, the group has been successful in increasing fees; enhancing the brand and reputation of Grant Thornton in the European marketplace; winning new and exciting clients for firms; securing strategic secondments; and opening up member firms to investing in indirect tax/VAT as a specialist service. 

The formation and success of the indirect tax group have been a collaborative journey that has enhanced the way Grant Thornton works together and delivers for clients in the market. It is a shining example to other service lines on how to collaborate and deliver new and dynamic cross-border initiatives.