TP Minds International

19 - 22 March 2018

From 19 to 22 March, “TP Minds International” will be held in London. It is the world’s leading independent transfer pricing forum with over 80 speakers packed into 4 days of essential content, including Paolo Besio, partner at Bernoni Grant Thornton.

The event, sponsored, among others, by Grant Thornton, will allow you to dive deeper into critical aspects of Transfer Pricing: you will be invited to explore the brave new world of Transfer Pricing Documentation after BEPS and to consider the Intersection of transfer pricing, tax compliance and technology. You will have an opportunity to understand how to manage, prevent and resolve transfer pricing disputes, and the event will offer the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of the tax authorities’ position on key international tax and transfer pricing challenges.

On 19 March, from 9:00 to 11:30, Paolo Besio, together with representatives of other Grant Thornton member firms - Charles Marais (Grant Thornton Netherlands), Juan Martinez (Grant Thornton Spain), Leslie van den Branden (Grant Thornton Belgium) e Brad Rolph (Grant Thornton LLP Canada) will run an interactive workshop, which will cover the key elements of the master file and local file, compare OECD with some non-OECD jurisdictions, and touch on how to reconcile these reports to other information including the Country by Country Report, for eligible groups.

The discussion will also focus on how groups should prepare transfer pricing documentation now we have ‘final’ rules, how to assess what story your data tells, and how to adopt a risk based approach and keep control of the process.


The Grant Thornton partners who participated in the TP Minds drew up the report "Seeing the big strategic picture (PDF) [154 KB] - The brave new world of transfer pricing after BEPS", in which they further comment the issues discussed during the conference.
Download the report for further details.

Among the speakers
Paolo Besio WORKSHOP A - The Brave New World of Transfer Pricing Documentation After BEPS

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Report Seeing the big strategic picture - report cover
Download PDF [ 154 KB ]