Acquired data concerning you will be processed for the purposes related to the execution of the collaboration contract with Bernoni Grant Thornton, pursuant to art. 6, para. 1, letter b) of the Regulation.

Below are the specific purposes related to the processing of data of Bernoni Grant Thornton collaborators:

  • management of the contractual relationship;
  • business management, internal organization, planning and performance of the working activity;
  • management of cyber security, of electronic access and of the use of personal productivity and communication IT solution;
  • management of the building security and of physical accesses, also through a personal badge with RFID technology;
  • compliance with obligations provided by law;
  • training and evaluation of performance;
  • compliance with fulfilments under insurance contracts.

Disclosure of data is mandatory, as far as required by law and contractual provisions, therefore, a total or partial refusal to provide such data will imply the impossibility for Bernoni Grant Thornton to execute the contract.

Without prejudice for the communications made pursuant to law provisions, for the purposes above, collected and processed data can be communicated to:

  • credit institutions, to perform payments or credits;
  • professionals or service companies for personnel administration and management, operating on behalf of Bernoni Grant Thornton;
  • insurance companies and brokers;
  • lawyers and legal advisers;
  • providers of products or services concerning the purposes related to your tasks;
  • regulators, within the limits of your institutional activities at Bernoni Grant Thornton;
  • travel agencies, hotels, and companies managing business travels, for the purposes related to your tasks;
  • Bernoni Grant Thornton clients (also potential ones), for the purposes related to your tasks;
  • third parties, including other member firms of the Grant Thornton network, which Bernoni Grant Thornton could work in contact with, in order to carry out its activity for the purposes related to your tasks;
  • subsidiary, parent or associate companies of Bernoni Grant Thornton, even through electronic connection tools.

Data can be disclosed to data processors, which Bernoni Grant Thornton engages within outsourcing relationships, as well as to people authorized to personal data processing, pursuant to art. 29 of the Regulation, under the direct authority of the Controller or the Processor for the purposes of this statement.

Data processing is not subject to automated decision-making, including profiling.

Data will not be disseminated.

Data will be processed by Bernoni Grant Thornton for the whole term of the contract and afterwards for the execution of all law fulfilments provided. Data will be retained for the terms provided by civil and tax law.