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Wrad Living: New venture capital deal

A few days after the Trasporti Romagna deal, Grant Thornton Financial Advisory Services is happy to announce a new deal closing: WRÅD LIVING. This is the sixth transaction successfully completed by the M&A team of Grant Thornton Financial Advisory Services since the beginning of the year.

The deal was carried out through a venture investment club interested in supporting an innovative business that will change one of the top made-in-Italy industries: fashion.  

The initiative is the brainchild of Matteo Ward, former top manager of one of the biggest international young fashion companies and of Silvia Giovanardi, fashion designer at a leading Italian fashion house.

WRÅD wishes to meet the need for younger generations to live their lives responsibly, break the mould and opt for a livable fashion.

The deal was made possible thanks to an investment club among some high net worth individuals, highly focused on sustainable and socially responsible fashion and interested in investing in the fashion industry.

Grant Thornton Financial Advisory Services assisted the founders of WRÅD in drafting the business plan, searching for investors and organizing the investment club.

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