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Rapid change and complexity are norms, and innovation the fuel in the technology industry. Today’s revolutions – including cloud, software-as-a-service, social media and the internet of things – will be soon followed by new innovations.

At Bernoni Grant Thornton, we’ll work with you to capitalise on all the opportunities and to manage the inherent risks the industry has to offer, and help you stay one step ahead.

Bernoni Grant Thornton’s technology industry professionals work with a broad spectrum of dynamic organisations, from emerging companies to rapidly expanding and established global leaders.

Whether your goal is to enter new markets, scale your operations, manage costs, find funding or comply with regulations, we have the insight and experienced judgment to help you succeed.

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Why Bernoni Grant Thornton

We’ll listen closely to your needs so we can develop solutions tailored to you. Our forward-thinking teams keep abreast of developments as new technologies are introduced and evolve. They can provide you with early insights into the issues emerging and innovative companies confront. These include managing intellectual capital, executing mergers and acquisitions and understanding the complex tax environment.

We can also help you to identify and manage risk and compliance needs, as regulatory and policy environments evolve around the globe to keep pace with technology innovation.

If you have ambitions to take your business public or engage in M&A, we’ll support you with these processes.

We also work closely with large corporate businesses and can help you make the best use of technology, whatever your industry.

Our solutions

Our technology teams offer services tailored to your industry, including:

  • scale operations as you grow
  • create trust and manage risk in the cloud, mobile and digital world
  • secure capital for growth
  • reduce costs
  • understand technology and R&D-specific incentives

 To learn more about our Technology services contact Gabriele Labombarda.