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Consumer products

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Emerging markets and shifting consumer demand are creating new opportunities in this industry, with business leaders investing in new products, markets and distribution models. At Bernoni Grant Thornton, we can help you turn these trends to your advantage, while providing you with a clear route for growth.

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Why Bernoni Grant Thornton?

Our extensive knowledge of the consumer products industry means we understand the challenges your business faces and can offer effective solutions.

Our teams will take a detailed look at your business and help you to optimise your operations. We’ll help you to improve productivity, making sure you run at the best possible efficiency across your supply chain.

We can also support your ambitions to grow and expand into new markets through our extensive knowledge of mergers and acquisitions. We’ll work with you to explore risks, examine how changing rules can create opportunities and make sure you benefit from relevant tax breaks.

In an industry with international supply chains and market opportunities, our global network allows us to combine both international and domestic knowledge.

Our solutions

Our teams offer solutions tailored to the consumer products industry, including:

  • business planning
  • making sure you meet regulatory challenges
  • entering new markets
  • address increasing costs and labour challenges
  • manage risks and regulations

 To learn more about our consumer products services contact Paolo Besio.