Unlock China: business opportunities in Italy and China

05 June 2018


Grant Thornton is glad to invite you to the event “Unlock China: Business and business in Italy and China Forum”, a unique event to get to know all investment opportunities in China and Italy.

Aim of the forum is to provide an overview of the opportunities available both for Italian companies already having a presence in China or willing to enter or strengthen their presence on this market, and for Chinese businesses already operating in Italy.

The forum marks an important occasion to share strategies and actual collaboration opportunities between the two Countries, consolidate the existing relationships and showcase some important partnerships between Italian and Chinese companies, aimed at a fostering bilateral industrial and trade collaboration.

Political institutions, institutional investors, entrepreneurs and advisory leaders from China will attend the event to discuss tax, legal and financial issues to consider when investing in China and in Italy.

A unique opportunity for all those interested both in investing for the first time in the Chinese market, or having already a presence there.

Limited places available. Please register as soon as possible.


Grant Thornton(致同)诚挚地邀请您参加“解锁中国:意大利和中国之间的机遇和业务”论坛活动,这是一个帮助您了解意大利和中国所有投资机会的绝佳会晤。


活动将于06月05日(周二) 在博洛尼亚FICO Eataly World(意大利美食主题公园)举办。





Collage of picture of the conference Unlock China

Group photo of partners


10.00: Registration and forum opening

10.30: Welcome and institutions speech

11.00: Session dedicated to institutional investors (investment funds)

11.30: Coffee break and networking

11.45: Session dedicated to entrepreneurs

12.15: Session dedicated to advisors

13.15: Lunch and networking


上午10:00 - 论坛登记与开幕

上午10:30 - 致礼以及机构致辞

上午11:00 - 机构投资者(投资基金会)致辞

上午11:30 - 茶歇和自由交流

上午11:45 - 企业家致辞

中午12:15 - 咨询行业人士致辞

下午13:15 - 午餐和自由交流

From 10:00 am to 2:30 pm
  • FICO Eataly World
  • Via Paolo Canali, 8
  • 40127 Bologna
Tel: +39 02 783351 Contact: