Risks and damages related to Cybersecurity and possible safeguards

The event aims at illustrating to SMEs and market players in general the risks and damages related to Cyber security and the possible safeguards, in the light of the recent domestic and international regulations.

A damage to a server, a PC, a device or a mobile is certainly annoying… Nonetheless, more than the physical damage to the device (or tangible asset, in technical terms), the real inconvenience is the loss of information, data and documents stored in the hardware.

That’s why companies increasingly express the need to protect themselves from potential damages to their intangible assets, which are vital for their business.

Threats. Within Cyber Security as a whole, it is worth distinguishing between Cyber Crimes (hacking, ransomwares, viruses, DDOS) and Cyber Risks, i.e. issues not necessarily originating from malicious attacks, but rather from internal malpractice or related events (e.g. the loss of an air-freighted server on which data needed to start a foreign subsidiary had been uploaded).

Intangible damages - direct and indirect. Direct damages result in the impossibility for the company to carry on its business as usual. Indirect damages involve a loss of corporate image and reputation, as well as of market shares. Said damages may result in claims for damages by the Clients.

Safeguards. Intangible assets are protected under the “privacy policy”, which concerns the confidentiality of individuals’ personal data, as well as by the “Information Security Management System”, which focuses on information and includes business data, know how, industrial rights, copyrights and patents.

A specialist professional consultancy, an adequate information system and a specific insurance policy can be the right formula for an effective protection.

Free admission with compulsory registration by 2 October.

Among the speakers:
Renato Sesana Partner, Grant Thornton Financial Advisory Services


  • 18.00 - Welcome
  • 18.10 - Risks and damages related to Cyber Security (Renato Sesana, Partner at Grant Thornton Financial Advisory Services S.r.l.)
  • 18.30 - Networks security and protection strategies; data security and intellectual property (Mattia Bernardini, Girardi Studio Legale e Tributario)
  • 18.50 - Liability insurance and insurance coverage (Marco Mazzoldi, Girardi Studio Legale e Tributario)
  • 19.10 - Case History ITAS S.p.A. Group
  • Aperitif and one-to-one meetings with the speakers.
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