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VAT refunds and investment in “Industry 4.0” assets

Simonetta La Grutta Simonetta La Grutta

Provisions under articles 30 and 38-bis of Presidential Decree no. 633/72 could decrease the financial burden and foster benefits provided for by the budget bill.

The budget bill for 2017, with reference to the “Industry 4.0” strategy, will renew those provisions allowing “super-amortization”, and introduce “hyper-amortisation” for some specific capital goods, in order to incentivize the technological updating of Italian businesses, their competition on domestic and international market and, more generally, economic recovery.

Also changes introduced on tax credit granted for those maintenance expenses that increase the asset’s value and service life, relevant to R&D costs under Law Decree 145/2013, art. 3.

According to the current plan, starting from 2017 and up to 2020, the benefit should be equal to 50% of all paid expenses that can be subject to the benefit, without any distinction of kind. Moreover, the maximum tax credit shall increase from five million per year to 20 million per year.


Thanks to Eutekne for the kind concession of the article.