VAT refund, no formal fulfilments up to 30.000 Euro

Simonetta La Grutta Simonetta La Grutta

Up to an amount of 30.000 Euro, the stamp of approval by the accountant and the granting of a guarantee by the taxpayer – when necessary – are not required to apply for a VAT refund.

Two years after the first simplification phase (art. 13 of Legislative Decree 175/2014) that innovated the regulation on VAT refund, amendments to Law Decree 193/2016 introduced new provisions, including the extension to 30.000 Euro of the limit up to which the application for refund is allowed without the need of:

  • stamp of approval by an accountant or signature by the statutory auditors as regards those subjects indicated in art. 03-bis, para. 3 of Presidential Decree 633/72;
  • granting of a financial guarantee by those subjects indicated in art. 38-bis, para. 4 of Presidential Decree 633/72.

The new provisions will concern both annual and quarterly refunds.

The aim of the innovation is to facilitate the collection of VAT credit, also considering that the situations that can generate it have increased. 

Therefore, up to the 30.000 Euro limit, the collection of VAT credit through an application for refund will be possible simply by filing the annual return or the “TR” form, in the presence of the conditions that legitimize the annual refund under art. 30 of Presidential Decree 633/72 or the quarterly refund under art. 38-bis of Presidential Decree 633/72.


Thanks to Eutekne for the kind concession of the article.