Grant Thornton FAS for Revarc-Tecnautocar integration

Bernoni Grant Thornton and Grant Thornton Financial Advisory Services assisted Revarc and Tecnautocar, the two Italian leading companies in the industry of spare parts for industrial vehicles, with their integration process. The integration gave rise to Experica, which is placed among the largest operators in Europe.

Bucking the acquisition trend of foreign competitors, the companies, after a long and thorough strategic analysis, decided to join their forces to create a single operator, able to confront the concentration process which it is being characterized with.

The aggregate turnover of the two companies is equal to 50 million Euros and is likely to grow in the near future thanks to the strategic plan worked out by the companies, which implies both the exploitation of economies of scale and scope deriving from the aggregation, and the possibility to integrate with and/or acquire other market players, possibly located in different geographic areas and having consistent value models.

The entire operation was conducted by Bernoni Grant Thornton and Grant Thornton Financial Advisory Services, led by partners Alessandro Dragonetti, as concerns corporate and tax structuring activities, Sante Maiolica, as concerns merger and integration activities, and Stefano Marchetti, as regards cross due diligence and valuation activities.


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