Giuseppe Bernoni: a book on the accounting profession

Giuseppe Bernoni Giuseppe Bernoni

Giuseppe Bernoni published a press review titled “Una storia professionale lunga una vita” (a lifelong history of the profession), a journey through history, memories, interviews, comments and occurrences that characterized the development of the accounting profession from 1959 to date.

“I admit that I was quite puzzled when a friend of mine suggested me to organize the great quantity of unpublished documents, interviews, newspaper articles, photographs and commentaries to events referable to the long years I spent as a Chartered Accountant” stated Giuseppe Bernoni.

“Nonetheless, I convinced myself that it could be useful in the long term, not for me, but rather for young accountants starting their professional career, in order for them to have a picture as complete as possible of a complex human and professional structure, which developed in a constantly evolving social and regulatory environment. I hope that this book will encourage Chartered Accountants and young professionals to keep working to further establish the accounting profession through a constant dialogue with the legislator and institutions”.

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