Bernoni Grant Thornton and GT FAS assist Enel Green Power

Bernoni Grant Thornton and Grant Thornton Financial Advisory Services (GT FAS) assisted Enel Green Power (EGP) with the acquisition of two wind farm projects to be realised in the Campania region: one in the municipality of Castelvetere in Val Fortore (BN) and the other one in the municipalities of Baselice (BN), Molinara (BN) e Foiano di Val Fortore (BN).

Within the scope of the operation, whose completion is subject to a series of conditions, two preliminary agreements between EGP and PLC Power (a company of the PLC Group, wholly owned indirectly by PLC S.p.A) have been entered into for the transfer of the share capital of the SPVs holders of the authorisations required to build the wind farms for a total installed capacity of 54 MW.

Grant Thornton Financial Advisory Services and Bernoni Grant Thornton acted as an advisor to the client for both financial and tax matters, with a team including, respectively, Stefano Marchetti, Antonio Aiuto and Edoardo Dell’Acqua and Alessandro Dragonetti, Marco Pane and Vincenzo Strati.

Our professionals assisted the Business Development team of Enel Green Power during the complex negotiation phase aimed at defining the final sale price, as well as with the tax planning of activities contextual and subsequent to the closing of the deal.